Rekindle Your Hopes and Dreams

Most likely, a year ago, you looked at the then approaching year (2015) with high hopes, aspirations and dreams. You envisaged a new year replete with fulfilled dreams and phenomenal accomplishments. You might have even gone a step further to put into writing your plans, goals and resolutions for 2015. That is all well and good.
Fast-forward to December 2015, and for some strange reasons, almost all the goals you itemized have failed to materialize till date. When you look back at the past eleven months, you see some measure of progress but sadly, such successes seem dwarfed by the myriad of failures, setbacks, and disappointments; dashed hopes and dreams. Perhaps your situation has even worsened, instead of getting better over time. Indeed, the year thus far might have gone really bad even though you did all you knew to do within the confines of the law and morality. You pursued this dream and that dream, but in spite of all your well meaning efforts, that dream has failed to take shape, let alone blossom. Things simply didn`t go the way you planned them. It went the opposite direction, to your utmost disgust. You might have gone through long streaks of discouragement, despair and depression. Consequently, you might have consigned yourself to failure, throwing up your hands in despair and frustration. Trust me, I have been there before; it obviously wasn`t a pleasant experience.

But I dare say quitting is not the option. The doom and gloom notwithstanding, all is not lost yet. The Good Book rightly posits, “a living dog is better than a dead lion.” Once there is life, there is hope. This month could well be your breakthrough month. Don`t lose hope yet. Have been privileged to read about and know a number of individuals who were faced with seemingly insurmountable challenges; frustrations, disappointments and setbacks were their bed-fellows.  The good thing is that, no matter how rough and tough life was, they consistently chose never to give up. They eventually came up tops.

Admittedly, life this past few months have been pretty tough. You feel a deep sense of hopelessness. You have given that dream your best short but nothing seems to work. It`s downright frustrating, isn`t it? The feeling is mutual. However, the rule of thumb is never to give up. The words of the famed British Statesman, Sir Winston Churchill rings true; “never, never, never give up.” Just keep pushing. Reflect, brainstorm, research, re-strategize, and explore a variety of ways to pursue your dreams. Don`t neglect the God factor. Don’t abort that dream, goal or vision. The roots are still forming, the foundations are being laid. It will soon blossom beyond your wildest imaginations if you keep at it. That you don`t see it moving, doesn`t mean it is dead. Your long awaited breakthrough will eventually locate you. December, 2015 may well be the month your circumstances experience a dramatic change for the better. Should your dream even fail to materialize this year, do not fret. Keep your dreams, hopes and aspirations alive. It`s only a matter of time.

Written by Daniel Dela Dunoo 


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