7 Job Search Websites Every Unemployed Graduate In Ghana Should Visit

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“Identify your problems, but give your power and energy to solutions” –Tony Robbins

            In an earlier post I featured five top websites for job seekers in Ghana, namely businessghana.com, jobberman.com.gh, l`ainejobs.com, ghanacurrentjobs.com and joblistghana.com. I intimated that they aren`t the only job search websites in Ghana and that I will do a follow up in my next post featuring some websites that were left out in my earlier post. I present to you seven job search websites relevant to job seekers in Ghana. And in case you are at this point wondering whether or not you have enough time at your disposal to consume this piece, you do not have to worry. Trust me! It will only take you a couple of minutes to read this high value content. Breeze through this post, check the sites out at a time convenient to you and make the most of these windows of opportunities. You can never tell which of these will be the launching pad to that dream job that has eluded you all this while.

            This site is not what one may consider a conventional job search site. Ghanaweb.com is essentially a news portal that features news items from Ghana and from around the globe. What many users and non-users of this site may not know, however, is that ghanaweb.com also features job vacancies every now and then.


            This job search site features job listings in Ghana on a continual basis. It is user friendly and requires a few clicks of the button to access jobs posted therein. No registration whatsoever is required to apply for jobs posted on joblemon.com. It is considered by some as the third largest jobs website in Ghana.


            Careers in Ghana (CIG), the company that owns and oversees this site (careersinghana.com) is a global executive search and international recruitment company recruiting talents in a range of sectors and skill functions at the graduate and non graduate, middle to senior levels.

            A huge body of recruitment/job search resources is available on this site. Over hundred jobs are posted each week on careersinghana.com. To upload your CV onto the site, registered users are required to simply log in. For new users, you will be required to register to create an account with the site. That said you are not required to register as a prerequisite to either access jobs posted on this site or to submit applications for jobs posted on this site.


            Jobhouse.com is a typical job search website. Consequently, one of its main features is regular job posts. To apply for a job posted on jobhouse.com, job seekers are required to fill a form and upload CV as part of the application process. Once the form is filled and the CV uploaded, you click on a button to submit job application. To upload CV to this site permanently as it were, you will be required to register with the site.


            Tornaton.com is perhaps the most widely known free classified website in Ghana. Thousands flock to this site to post adverts about their products and services. It is essentially a "trading" (a buying and selling) site and this is what it is widely known for. I discovered about two years ago that not only does tornaton.com offer users the opportunity to post adverts about their products and services but it also actually allows recruiters to post adverts about job vacancies. The reality is that job vacancies in a myriad of categories are posted on this site daily. Submitting applications for jobs on this is free and not cumbersome.


            This site is arguably next to tornaton.com in popularity as far as free classified websites in Ghana are concerned. Job vacancies are regularly posted on olx.com. Users of this site can access these job listings and submit applications subsequently. There is absolutely nothing complex about the process.

            Ahenfiejoblink.com is a massive and comprehensive internet jobs search engine on the web for Ghana and Africa as a whole. You can find jobs in Ghana or any part of Africa with its extensive job/career search database. You actually can announce your availability for employment and submit your curriculum vitae to hundreds of employers that visit the site. 
Employers can then contact you directly as soon as a suitable position becomes available. What you need do is log in, that is, if you have already joined the site, as in registered with the site. Otherwise, you will be required to follow a few steps to join this site. Subsequently, you will only need to log in.
Now the ball is right in your court. You simply play it and play it well. To your job hunting success!!!
Written by Daniel Dela Dunoo
(Freelance writer/editor, blogger & published author)
Email: dudelda3@yahoo.com / danieldeladunoo@gmail.com


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