A Reader`s Perspective: What Every University Student In Ghana Should Know

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"The choices you make in your life will make your life. Choose wisely.” -Michael Josephson
 Owing to a couple of challenges I faced during and after my university education, I resolved to provide viable and workable ideas that will guide and inspire young people to sail through the difficulties akin to that stage of life. I have written several articles towards this end that have been published on several websites, blogs, newspaper publications and magazines.
A couple of weeks back, I received an email from one of my readers that brought to the fore some interesting perspectives. Consequently I decided to include his email in my next blog. This post is in pursuance of this resolve. These, I must emphasize are perspectives from a reader. I may or may not subscribe to the entirely of his write up but I trust that he shares some interesting insights about what university students and graduates should know, and readers can glean some pearls of wisdom from his email. 
This email I perceive was in reaction to an article I wrote for publication at yen.com.gh titled, “Six Things Every Ghanaian University Student Should Know.” On the 21st of March, 2017, and at exactly 8:19PM, James Bedu Kojo Graham (yokozuna.mail@yandex.com) sent me this email:

I love your Article, truth be told jobs are now Scarcer in the 2010 decade than previous decades.
You may publish my letter, you have my Permission. Let me input by advising Ghanaian Graduates to work at home for at least 5 years after graduation to see the Challenges and Opportunities of the Country; especially the Lawyers and Medical Students.

Going abroad is not easy and life abroad is not rosy. Moreover please advice my fellow youth that traveling abroad just for odd jobs to earn a few Dollars, Pounds and Euros is not the Answer.
For example, most wealthy people in Ghana are based at home, with Fortunes made in Agriculture, Real Estate and Pharmaceuticals.

Advice them to try and finish their courses; many allow brief trips to overshadow their studies.
Some Burgers even enter illegal trades like Narcotics, Loan Sharking and Prostitution when abroad instead of proper Education and Jobs.

The rationale is a Simple Summation to survive the harsh Reality of the Western World when you are not formally educated before landing there for greener Pastures.
Please tell them that going abroad should have a serious purpose because outside you settle your bills in Forex not in a relatively Affordable Cedis.

Advice them to invest at home, buy houses and to have a base in Ghana and not Sell all their Stuff before they go outside. If they go abroad, they should take their lives and education seriously.
From an 'Abrokyereman' and University of Ghana Graduate 2007. James  Dagomba.

Hopefully you have gleaned some nuggets of practical wisdom from James Bedu`s email. Decide to make informed choices in and out of school, for choices have consequences.


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