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FREE Ebook Download: “My Poems; My Musings”

Hello there!!! So glad you dropped by. I have a gift for you; it is my latest collection of poems titled, My Poems; My Musings.
Matthew Arnold once opined: “poetry is simply the most beautiful, impressive, and widely effective mode of saying things, and hence its importance.” I tend to agree with him.
 “My Poems; My Musings” is a collection of inspiring and incisive poems I personally wrote over the course of approximately three years. These poems were carefully selected from a large collection my works because in my estimation they represent some of my best works of poetry. They touch on a wide variety of topics.
It is also my considered view that these poems, influenced for the most part by my personal experience and observations will speak to your heart and mind in a relatable fashion. I offer this ebook for FREE as my way of saying, THANK YOU for your visit.
To download a FREE copy of my most recent ebook in any format of your choice (PDF, EPUB, Word, Mobi, etc.) kindly click on thi…

Highly Recommended: "The Power of Positive Words"

"Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing" -Benjamin Franklin (Inventor, Author, Publisher, Diplomat)
In his seminal book, “The secret kingdom”, world-renowned Christian pastor, author, and televangelist Pat Robertson makes a strong case for the use of positive words when he notes: “Through our words, we translate the will of God in the invisible kingdom to the visible situation that confronts us. We speak to storms, and they cease…. The simple truth is that God`s word, spoken into a situation, will perform his purpose… When you confess blessing, favor, victory, and success, those things will come to you.”
Sadly, however, it appears the concept of words and their far-reaching impact as revealed in parts of Scripture have largely been ignored in many pulpits and as such scores of believers know next to nothing about the power inherent in the ‘spoken word’. Hence the recklessness with which many communicate and the dire consequences of doing same becomi…

Endorsement: “Turning Your Dreams into Reality”

Alex Dankwa, author of "Missives to My Daughter", "The Power of Positive Words" and the soon to be released “Turning your Dreams into Reality” is an entrepreneur, conference speaker and minister of the Gospel. He holds a Bsc. Admin. (Accounting option) from Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology and is currently pursuing a professional course in Project Management. He is a Project Director for Compassion International assisted-project Child and Youth Development Centre. He has over six years’ experience in Child and Youth Development.
As earlier suggested, prolific author, Alex Dankwa is set to release yet another inspiring, insightful and instructive piece on the important subject of how to turn your long-cherished dream into a present reality. In his usual practical and down-to-earth writing style, he deals masterfully with the concept of dreams, expounding on how to discover God-given dreams, dreaming more and adding to the dream.

Alex also discusses …

Thinking Outside the Box: The Inspiring Story of Bright and Obed

Photo: Bright Abiah and Obed Asamoah Ghana, one of the most notable countries in Sub-Saharan Africa, has nonetheless grappled with its alarming rates of graduate unemployment for decades; a phenomenon that has seen the vast numbers of graduates from the nation`s tertiary institutions exceed by far, available decent job opportunities on the job market. Government after government has attempted to do its bit in helping minimize, if not totally eradicate this stark and glaring reality. The fact still remains, however, that none of the measures deployed by these governments have yielded the desired outcomes, with literally thousands of the nation`s human capital jobless and thus unproductive.
It is instructive to note that it has been widely conceded that one of the sure routes to gainful employment is self-employment or entrepreneurship, as it were. This route has however been the road less traveled by the teaming youth of this country. Relatively fewer persons travel this route while in s…

That Dream is Within Reach

Photo: Daniel Dela Dunoo It was Walt Disney, the notable American entrepreneur, animator, voice actor and film producer who once opined, “if you can dream it, you can achieve it.” Such a thought emanating from a man of his stature ought not to be taken lightly, bearing in mind the fact that in spite of his humble beginnings, he chalked the levels of success associated with his name, even after his demise.
It is my humble view that that noble dream of yours is within reach. I have personally found Walt Disney`s assertion to be true in my career pursuits. A couple of months ago, I secured my first full-time job as a writer with a business consulting firm, in charge of a business website and subsequently my first full-time job as the editor for an educational publishing company. Now, these are dreams come through. Why so?
I am both a polytechnic and a university graduate whose majors were nowhere near Literature, English, Publishing, Editing or Writing. However, after I completed my first …