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Great Presentations Worth Your Listen: An Extension Of My Writing/Blogging Career

Hello cherished reader. Delighted you stopped by. I am excited to introduce to you my YouTube Channel. This YouTube channel is an extension of my writing/blogging career with the ultimate goal of reaching a lot more people - people who may not have the time to read relevant content but can afford to listen to same while they work behind their desks, drive in traffic or are even engaged in their daily routines such as exercising sessions.

In the pursuit of this quest, I have worked tirelessly to put together video/audio presentations from edited versions of some of my written works that are sure to brighten your day. These have been carefully selected with you in mind; bringing you relevant insights and inspiring contents to help catapult you into your most cherished dreams and aspirations.

You are invited to visit my YouTube Channel to listen, download or share these high value contents with your contacts; they will perhaps make a world of difference in your life and that of many oth…

Nuggets of Wisdom

This audio edition has been prepared for your listening pleasure. It includes over 400 incisive quotes on a variety of themes and by some of the most erudite minds in the history of humankind, interspersed with brief introductory remarks from the author. The quotes have been broadly categorized into 19 chapters (and themes), yet they touch on a wider variety of issues including excellence, success, leadership, goals, diligence and many more. PS: Visit my Youtube Channel to download this audio e-book for free: Nuggets of Wisdom (Audio)

Below is a sample of the text version of what is contained in the audio presentation above:

Top 40 Diligence Quotes That Will Inspire You To Reach For Your Goals Diligence is a critical ingredient for lasting success in virtually every facet of human endeavour. That said, there are those who will prefer to cut corners to attain certain supposed laurels and some who may want the good things of life on a silver platter, and may actually realize such aspiratio…

FREE Ebook Download: “My Poems; My Musings”

Hello there!!! So glad you dropped by. I have a gift for you; it is my latest work of poetry, My Poems; My Musings.
Matthew Arnold once opined: “poetry is simply the most beautiful, impressive, and widely effective mode of saying things, and hence its importance.” I tend to agree with him.
 “My Poems; My Musings” is a collection of inspiring and incisive poems I personally wrote over the course of approximately three years. These poems were carefully selected from a large collection of my works  because in my estimation they represent some of my best works of poetry. They touch on a wide variety of topics.
It is also my considered view that these poems, influenced for the most part by my personal experience and observations will speak to your heart and mind in a relatable fashion. This ebook is been offered for FREE as my small way of saying THANK YOU  for dropping.
To download a FREE copy of my most recent ebook in any format of your choice (PDF, EPUB, Word, Mobi etc.) kindly clic…

On Matters of Leadership: The Biblical Example of Daniel

Photo: Daniel Dela Dunoo Our world today is bedevilled with a myriad of challenges. Critical to finding viable solutions to these drawbacks is the issue of leadership at all levels. Leadership is integral to turning around the fortunes of any given community.
Africa`s problems (and much of the world`s problems) have largely been an issue of the quality of leadership it has had. Indeed our world is plagued with what i term ‘crises of leadership’. In the past week a major scandal rocked the Ghana Football Association (GFA) leding to full scale investigations and the resignation of the widely known president of the Association, Kwesi Nyantakyi who apparently doubles as the 1st vice president for Confederation of African Football (CAF). This followed the latest investigative work of Anas Aremeyaw Anas, the famed Ghanaian investigative journalist, uncovering widespread financial malfeasance, bribery and corruption involving many football administrators, referees and many at management leve…

Unleashing the Force of Self-Discipline TO BECOME…

(Image source: In reading the lives of great men, I found that the first victory they won was over themselves, self-discipline with all of them came first.” -Harry S. Truman
Have you ever wondered how come some persons you once considered mediocre, have chalked phenomenal laurels in life and in their chosen careers?
Do you sometimes wonder why some people who were not so talented have made remarkable strides far ahead of some naturally talented folks?
Do you on occasion wonder why some people only went up to come down; why they were once making the name and the fame, and living the big life BUT suddenly everything came crushing down?
Well, more often than not, the lack of self-discipline has been an underlining factor. But none of these ought to be your story.

You Can
There is a latent power in you longing for full expression. The power TO BECOME, is perhaps in a comatose state at the moment. This however, should NOT be the end of the narrative.
You can be BIGGER and BETTER…