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Gearing Up For The New Year

“The unexamined life is not worth living” -Aristotle
For many of us the thought of an approaching year brings a surge of hope, positive anticipation, renewed strength, new aspirations and a surge of positive energy. Reality how ever sets in when in spite of our genuine intentions, big dreams, well calculated plans, and expended efforts, we experience what may be termed the “good, the bad and the ugly”; a mix-bug of experiences. "The Good..." For some, 2016 brought with it many fulfilled dreams and aspirations. Some landed their dream jobs while others got promoted on the job. There are still others who made a successful occupational move or diversion. New businesses were established while some existing businesses made substantial gains. Some young ‘love birds’ were joined in holy matrimony this year. Some married couples were blessed with the fruit of the womb this year with little or no complications whatsoever. There are those who got cured of one ailment or the other. Some …

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