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Beyond the Obvious: Franklin`s Musings

Franklin Tetteh Odamtten (Guest Writer) A pastor is not just an individual who stands behind the pulpit to preach to the congregation on a Sunday. A pastor could be someone who motivates you when you are down. A pastor could also be someone who is spiritually higher or above you, someone who intercedes in prayer on your behalf. For some of us, our parents are the pastors in our lives. Whiles others who are married sometimes have the privilege of having their spouses as being pastors in their lives also.
A true lover is not someone who loves you because you have no faults, but rather someone who loves you regardless of all your flaws, encourages you, stay by your side in times of need and try to help make you a better person than you were before. A lover should not necessarily be your fiancé, but it could be your mother, father, siblings, cousins, friends and many others.
The title “Parent” is not just meant for people who have given birth to a child. A parent is as well someone who cares…

Youth Corner: On Matters of Masturbation

Franklin Tetteh Odamtten(Guest writer)
Some people may say masturbation is spiritual, hence beyond the natural confines of man while others say it is as a result of the influence of friends (peer pressure) and what may sometimes be accessed online (eg. social media etc.). Masturbation is a self-pleasuring act that can be performed by both males and females contrary to the predominant belief that it’s an act performed by only males. Many persons who indulge in this act do so in the confines of a private space. There are however a few others who tend to be more adventurous and thus occasionally masturbate in some public spaces such as beaches. 
The Justification people give for performing this act is that, it’s better to find sexual satisfaction without the involvement of a second party than to have sex with a lady and get her pregnant, when one is not ready to be a father.
Some opt for masturbation to avoid the associated stress and nagging that may ensue from ladies once the act (sex) has…

Youth Corner: Choose Life

Franklin Tetteh Odamtten (Guest Writer) "Do not kill that baby; choose life." - F. T. Odamtten
Many, both young and old resort to killing their innocent babies (abort their unborn babies) every year in their quest to flee as far as practicable from public shame, ridicule and disappointment. Having unprotected sex will lead to getting the female pregnant and if both partners do not want to keep the child, they readily opt for perhaps the easier way out; abortion.
I love a course that is currently run at the University of Cape Coast and in level 100 called HIV/AIDS; the course makes the requisite knowledge available to students regarding how to protect themselves before and after sex so as to prevent unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. The plan truth is that some evil-minded youngsters and men deliberately cut/perforate the condom prior to usage at the blind side of their female partners. Alas, these females are either i…

Are You a Perfect Definition of a true Parent?

                                         Franklin Tetteh Odamtten (Guest Writer) Who is a true parent? Is it someone who gives birth to a child but fails to take care of that child or the one who takes care of a child even though she might not have given birth to that child?
The sad reality is that many supposed parents who indeed purport to be parents are not true parents but wicked individuals. Day in, day out you will see these very same persons hurl insults at their children over one little mistake or the other. Some parents literally curse their wards; many victims become embittered, especially for the many who may not mentally strong. Little wonder many young people who have been victims of verbal abuse emanating from their parents are never able to rid themselves of the pain and hurt they suffered at the hands of their biological parents. The effects of negative pronouncements from some parents are long lasting in their effects.
How will you feel as a verbally abusive parent if yo…

The Making of a Good Writer (Audio Presentation)

An audio presentation of my journey as a writer