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In Loving Memory of A Close Buddy: Emmanuel Wedam

Photo: Emmanuel Wedam (B.A., MSc.) “Not how long, but how well you have lived is the main thing.” -Lucius Annaeus
Emma, only a couple of days prior, I sent you a whatsApp message, awaiting a reply. Unknown to me, you were battling for your dear life - at the brink of exiting this life. The reality of your eventual exit dawned on me when my mum placed a call to me a couple of hours ago, bearing the heart-breaking news of your sudden demise in a hospice.

Even though we rarely met in our later years due to work schedules, our friendship remained true. There was so much to talk about and to reminisce whenever we met; our coincidental meet up a few months ago on the Legon campus (where you were continuing your PHD studies) wasn`t an exception. This was unfortunately going to be the very last time our paths will cross.
It saddens my heart that my childhood friend, close buddy, former classmate, former evangelism team member, former fellow SU, brigade and YPG member, fellow church member, a r…

Free Ebook Download: "A Case for Christmas"

"I found this book to be very inspirational. I appreciated its concise manner in presenting the essence of Christmas, along with compelling facts substantiating the authenticity of Jesus as the Christ, God bless the author." - Fias Alex (From Canada)

My GIFT to you this Christmas season is an e-book I personally wrote for the season, titled 'A Case for Christmas'. This piece of work essentially presents a concise, logical, coherent and Bible-based defense of the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ...

It also contains other interesting features, notably a collection of original Christmas-related poems and scores of Christmas-centered quotes from accomplished personalities from varied backgrounds among others. It makes an interesting  reading. Download your free copy (pdf, epub, mobi (kindle) etc.) today by following this link:A Case for Christmas

You are free to share your downloaded copy with your friends and loved ones this Christmas season. Enjoy.

Have a Truly B…

Highly Recommended: "The Power of Positive Words"

"Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing" -Benjamin Franklin (Inventor, Author, Publisher, Diplomat)
In his seminal book, “The secret kingdom”, world-renowned Christian pastor, author, and televangelist Pat Robertson makes a strong case for the use of positive words when he notes: “Through our words, we translate the will of God in the invisible kingdom to the visible situation that confronts us. We speak to storms, and they cease…. The simple truth is that God`s word, spoken into a situation, will perform his purpose… When you confess blessing, favor, victory, and success, those things will come to you.”
Sadly, however, it appears the concept of words and their far-reaching impact as revealed in parts of Scripture have largely been ignored in many pulpits and as such scores of believers know next to nothing about the power inherent in the ‘spoken word’. Hence the recklessness with which many communicate and the dire consequences of doing same becomi…

Endorsement: “Turning Your Dreams into Reality”

Alex Dankwa, author of "Missives to My Daughter", "The Power of Positive Words" and the soon to be released “Turning your Dreams into Reality” is an entrepreneur, conference speaker and minister of the Gospel. He holds a Bsc. Admin. (Accounting option) from Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology and is currently pursuing a professional course in Project Management. He is a Project Director for Compassion International assisted-project Child and Youth Development Centre. He has over six years’ experience in Child and Youth Development.
As earlier suggested, prolific author, Alex Dankwa is set to release yet another inspiring, insightful and instructive piece on the important subject of how to turn your long-cherished dream into a present reality. In his usual practical and down-to-earth writing style, he deals masterfully with the concept of dreams, expounding on how to discover God-given dreams, dreaming more and adding to the dream.

Alex also discusses …