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In our sojourn through this life, we are presented with a multiplicity of opportunities. In reality opportunities are never in short supply. However, in many cases than not, when it really matters, we let certain opportunities pass us by. Our ability to recognize these doors or windows of opportunities as it were is absolutely essential if we are to make the progress we so desire in our personal lives, in business, in our careers, in our relationships and in virtually every facet of our lives. In this piece, I share three essential tips for maximizing opportunities. Hope you find it enlightening and helpful.

Prepare for opportunities

Marshall Sylver asked a pertinent question and proffered a brilliant answer: “What if opportunity comes and you are not prepared? If you don`t prepare yourself for opportunity, one thing is certain, you won`t win even when you get the chance. You must recognize the power of being prepared.”

            One of the critical reasons why we sometimes fail to make the most of some great opportunities that come our way boils down a lack of preparedness for such opportunities. You went for the job interview with little to no preparation. You never bothered to research about the company you where going to be interviewed with and the role that was on offer. You failed to do the necessary checks and these things have a way of showing in our performance ratings at interviews for instance. You were offered admission to study abroad. This is a ling awaited dream come true. Sadly however, you do not even as much as have a passport. You have no clue where to raise the money for tuition and for all your travelling expenses.

            But here is this athlete who desires to represent his country for the Olympics Games. He or she is up by 4am every day and runs for miles. No day passes without subjecting himself to rigorous training. Suddenly, he happens to be one of those chosen to participate in the Olympics games. He eventually comes up tops in the race, winning a gold medal for his country. You knew you had an examination to write and so began preparations month prior. Apparently, scholarships are announced as part of the packages for candidates who excel in the exams. Your thorough preparation eventually pays off on the day you are awarded a scholarship to pursue further education. What is the point? While you are assiduously looking out for one opportunity or the other, consider thorough preparations such that in the event that such a long awaited opportunity finally dawns, you will be more than prepared to make the most of it. Abraham Lincoln is quoted to have said, “I will study and prepare, and some day my opportunity will come.” It was Zig Ziglar who once noted, “Success is what occurs when opportunity meets preparation.”  

Don`t let that opportunity pass you by

            Have ever been at spot where you were offered a fantastic opportunities but felt either ill-prepared or perhaps felt you did not have the requisite skill-set, competencies and knowledge base to make the most of such opportunities? Perhaps you were offered an employment opportunity by virtue of ‘whom you knew’ or better still ‘who know you’ but felt you simply could not do the job and so turned down the job offer. Well, here is a commonsensical advice from the billionaire and phenomenal entrepreneur Richard Branson:

“If someone offers you an amazing opportunity and you are not sure you can do it, say yes-then learn how to do it later.” Ones a great opportunity knocks at you door, open the door even if you aren’t sure of your capabilities. Once the opportunities walks right to you through you door, learn as fast as you can about how best to utilize that opportunity, even it means learning a new skill or burning the mid-night kernel to consume massive volumes of information relevant to the given opportunity.

Be an optimist

            The optimist recognizes the fact that roses have thorns but chooses to preoccupy his or her mind with the fact that thorns have roses. The optimist knows well that the glass is half empty but chooses to focus on the fact that the glass is half full. He or she looks at the brighter side of life and circumstances and consequently focuses on how to make the most of these bright spots. The words of Sir Winston Churchill rings true, “A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.”  The reality of life is that even where we are faced with monumental challenges, there can be found opportunities. That said, when faced with a challenge, look out for the opportunities that challenge affords you and capitalize on such opportunities. You will be the better for it. John Gardner perceptively noted, “We are all faced with a series of great opportunities-brilliantly disguised as insoluble problems.” The thought he introduces here is that, the seemingly insurmountable challenge you may be faced with at this point in your life is in reality an opportunity in disguise. If you will see that challenge for the opportunity it really is, it will inform how you choose to tackle that challenge. For the last couple of days, your superior has kept you busy at the office; day after day, you have had to work extra hard and work overtime. You are tired and feel frustrated. You aren`t being paid for the extra work you do. Do you feel cheated and used and so become sloppy in the discharge of your duties or do you maintain a positive attitude to work in spite of being unfairly treated? Well, you could consider it an opportunity to make a positive impression on your boss. For all you know, this may open the door for a promotion sooner or later.

            These three vital tips for maximizing opportunities can make a world of difference in every facet of your life. “A word to the wise is enough!” Now over to you! And best of wishes in your quest to maximize opportunities around you.

Written by Daniel Dela Dunoo
(Freelance writer/editor, blogger & published author)
Blog: http://danieldeladunoo.blogspot.com / http://theroyalwordsmithgh.wordpress.com


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